Our Story 

Global Desi Foods takes pride in providing natural, pure foods and free from preservatives under the brand name Desilicious®, which is a trademark of Mercantile International NA, LLC.

Our quest for sourcing and selecting delicious foods for global desi has been the inspiration for our brand name Desilicious®.

Desilicious® is a compound word made up of 2 words 'Desi', people, culture and products of Indian subcontinent and 'Delicious'. Desilicious® branded products are for truly Global Desi all around the world.

Desilicious® seasoned gourmet world famous Virginia type peanuts are proudly grown in USA. Global desis have travelled widely, are well informed and have tried all kinds of cuisines. We pay close attention to recipe of seasonings so Desilicious® products can suit and satisfy the palate of global desi. These hand cooked peanuts are seasoned just right for Global desis.

We start the development of our products by first conducting surveys among people who are foodies and have travelled around the globe. We understand the need of the consumer. Our supply chain partners implement the needs of consumers in the process of preparing the recipes and development of Desilicious® products. High Quality Desilicious® products ideas evolve from the feedback of the consumer surveys and intelligent market research.

We work directly with farmers in origin countries ensuring highest quality. We have established long standing relationships with our farmers and processors, providing best care to every ingredient. Our team monitors and inspects each shipment, to strict quality standards, from origin all the way to processing plants and further to our warehouse.

Desilicious® products are sourced and selected from the freshest crop. We follow stringent quality controls and select the most ethical farmers to grow produce for us, using only high quality ingredients and ethical processing practices, resulting in farm fresh products with full nutrition, aroma and flavor meeting or exceeding consumer expectations.

Desilicious® is proud to offer quality products with full assurance of satisfaction, backed by Desilicious® professionals with experience of over 25 years in gourmet foods industry.